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What is telehealth?

Telehealth, also known as telepsychology, telemental health, telebehavioral health, virtual visit, or telemedicine, is video conferencing for our appointments.  It's a great option / alternative to in-person, in-office visits, and it became even more widely used during the COVID-19 pandemic.  You can be at home or wherever for our telehealth appointments.

  • Potential upsides: built-in social/physical distancing, no worry about time and commute to our appointment, geographic broadness (you just have to be physically anywhere in Washington state or Hawaii where I'm licensed or in a PSYPACT state (link to map)

  • Potential downsides: technical difficulties (audio and/or visual), privacy concerns outside of the therapy office (e.g., insulation between rooms, other people nearby), distraction (e.g., pets, other people nearby), different way of interaction (e.g., missed non-verbal cues), technical requirements (e.g., suitable device with adequate data plan or internet access)

My primary telehealth platform is powered through SimplePractice, which is a private-practice management program.

  • If you're using a desktop or laptop, you just click on the link for our appointment in the email appointment reminder or in the client/patient portal; you don't need to download or install a software program.

  • If you're using a smartphone or tablet, you'll need to download the free app Telehealth by SimplePractice in the Apple Store or Google Play Store.  To start the video appointment, you'll click on the link in the email appointment reminder or in the client/patient portal.

SimplePractice resources: web-based guide to telehealth, PDF of the telehealth FAQs, demo video below

FYI: My backup telehealth platform is Google Meet.  Backup backup is the telephone.

Feeling uncertain/unsure about telehealth?

We can talk about any concerns and questions you have about doing telehealth.

I'm happy to set up a test/practice telehealth session, so we can be ready for our first "real" telehealth session.  We can walk / talk through a practice session over the phone beforehand.

Want to do telehealth with me?

Let's connect - check my current availability here


Wiki Telepsychology Guide for Patients

Intro Video to Video Appointments through SimplePractice (below)

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