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Is This You?

The Before You, The Now You, The Future You

or is it

Before Your Health Condition and After Your Health Condition


Hope and Help

I can help. Together we can figure out ways to manage your chronic health condition(s).

If you like, whenever you’re ready and willing, we can redefine your life. Your life very well may never be the same. It’s been transformed.

You might do some grieving and mourning for your loss of health, function, dream, or ability – short-term, long-term, or uncertain.

The road plan you thought you were taking is now going a different route around / through some unanticipated or maybe anticipated terrain.


What's Going On

Life is different now that you’ve been dealing with [fill in the blank].


You can fill the blank with fibromyalgia, pain, irritable bowel syndrome, migraine, or whatever health condition(s).


You’re feeling the physical effects of the health condition, and you’re also feeling its effects emotionally, mentally, socially, behaviorally, and/or spiritually.


Or maybe you’ve been dealing with your health condition(s) for so long, that you don’t know or remember your life any other way.


Let's Connect

If you would like support along your new road and destination, reach out to me.  You can check my current availability here.

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