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Body-Focused Repetitive Behaviors (BFRB)

Body-focused repetitive behaviors

or BFRBs is a fancy, mouthful way of saying picking skin, pulling hair, biting nails, and/or doing other behaviors repeatedly and excessively.  This is beyond "normal" grooming behaviors that we do. 


Hair pulling can lead to hair loss in the picked areas, for example, bald spots on the scalp, missing or no eyelashes, and/or missing or no eyebrows. 

In its wake, skin picking can leave behind pain, sores, or scars. 

Nail biting can result in some not-so-great-looking nails.

If you're dealing firsthand with BFRBs, you may be avoiding certain activities or places or trying to cover up your hair / skin / nail.  You might be experiencing shame, frustration, guilt, or embarrassment. 

The treatment is simple and hard to do at the same time.  The model/framework we'd use: Comprehensive Behavioral Model.  We look at the Behaviors, the Antecedents (Pre-Behavior), and the Consequences (Post-Behavior).  At our first session, we would start "digging in"to your past, present, and future.  You''ll be asked to do self-monitoring of the picking, pulling, and/or biting episodes.  At the next session, we'll brainstorm tools and strategies to try to slow down or maybe even eliminate the picking, pulling, or biting.  We would taper our sessions until the BFRB seems well managed or controlled.  BFRB is typically a life-long, chronic condition that you have to manage. 

Imagine or picture what your life could be like with less pulling, picking or biting - with being more open, active, and free.


The TLC Foundation for Body-Focused Repetitive Behaviors

Let go and Let's go

If you're ready to start treatment for your BFRB:

Please check my availability here.

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