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Ego State Therapy (EST)

What is Ego State Therapy (EST)?

We all have different ego states - parts or selves.  For examples, we might have a professional self, playful self, partner self, spiritual self, performer self, sexual self, and so on.  We may be able to move fluidly and adaptively between these parts or selves, and/or there might be rigid boundaries with maybe even some parts or selves not being aware of each other.  These parts or selves may have inner voices too as well as experiences.  Through guided imagery or clinical hypnosis, we can access perhaps more unconscious parts of ourselves as well as our internal resources and solutions.  We can explore internal conflicts within us.  With trauma earlier in life, these parts or selves can have come about as a way to cope and survive, and with Ego State Therapy we can help with the healing process of these parts.  We can do Ego State Therapy not just for trauma.


Side notes: 2023 has been the year of learning about and practicing Ego State Therapy.  I originally started getting into this to better work with and help my current patients/clients more on the dissociative end.  I had learned clinical hypnosis to help my patients /clients with chronic pain in my previous Pain Psychologist self.  Now I’m getting back into clinical hypnosis as a way to better do Ego State Therapy.


FYI about my background: I’ve completed Ego State Therapy Foundations Courses I & II with Wendy Lemke. I’m in the midst of continuing to complete more advanced training the rest of this year.


What is Ego State Therapy from Ego State Therapy North America

Ego State Therapy from Ego State Therapy International

Ego State Therapy brochure created by Cynthia Good (pdf download)

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