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  • General info on insurance:
    I am In Network with many health insurance plans (please see complete list below). If you have a question about whether I am In Network with your insurance, you may contact me at or (253)785-9367. If I am not In Network with your health insurance and if you would like to work with me Out of Network, you would pay the private pay rate for a session up front, and I can give you a Superbill after the session to submit to your insurance company for reimbursement, which may be none, partial, or total.
  • Insurances accepted (In Network):
    Blue Cross / Blue Shield Cigna First Choice Health Healthcare Management Administrators Kaiser Permanente Washington LifeWise Assurance Co. / LifeWise Health Plan of Washington Preferred / LifeWise Primary Medicare Modern Health Optum Premera Blue Cross (including Medicare Advantage) Regence BlueShield (including Medicare Advantage) United Healthcare / United Behavioral Health (including Medicare Advantage EXCEPT for Dual Complete (Medicare + Apple Health/Medicaid) and Washington Apple Health/Medicaid) Washington State Labor & Industries (L&I or workers' compensation)
  • Session rates:
    I offer video visits for clients/patients anywhere in Washington state and Hawaii, and in-person office visits are available in Tacoma, WA. My fee for one-hour sessions is $200 unless negotiated/contracted differently with an insurance carrier or EAP. Accepted forms of payment: check or credit card due at time of service.
  • Client paperwork:
    Here's a sneak preview:
  • Client portal for current clients:
    Here's the link:
  • Pros and cons of using insurance:
    Pros: The cost of paying for sessions may be cheaper overall (copays or coinsurance and deductible if applicable) compared to paying solely out of pocket (entire session fee). Health plans typically provide a searchable directory of In-Network Providers. Cons: Video visits may or may not be covered, and telephone visits may not be covered. Pre-authorization of sessions may be required, and the number of sessions may be capped. Clinical diagnosis or diagnoses have to be documented, and visits may need to be medically necessary to be covered by insurance. Insurance companies may request a copy of your treatment plan and/or session notes.
  • How to check your health plan's coverage of behavioral/mental health care:
    (Link to download pdf of insurance verification of benefits) Call your health insurance's Customer Service line, and ask: Does my health plan cover Outpatient Behavioral or Mental Health services? Is Quyen B. Nguyen, Ph.D. (Psychologist) or PNW Happy Healthy, PLLC In Network? If NOT In Network Do I have Out-of-Network benefits? How much will I be reimbursed if I see an Out-of-Network Therapist/Provider? Do I have an Out-of-Network deductible? If so, how much? If IN NETWORK: What’s my copay or coinsurance for each visit? Do I have a deductible? If so, how much, and when does it reset? Is telehealth covered? Could you please verify that these CPT codes are covered under my plan? 90791, Psychiatric Diagnostic Evaluation without Medical Services 90832, Psychotherapy 30 minutes 90834, Psychotherapy 45 minutes 90837, Psychotherapy 60 minutes Do I need approval/authorization before starting therapy/treatment? If Yes: What’s my authorization number? Is there a cap to the number of sessions that are approved/authorized?
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