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  • Quyen B. Nguyen, Ph.D.

Home alone: Tips to get through these unusual times

Maybe you’re like me, I'm getting tired of coronavirus and the uncertainty.

With the social-distancing guidelines, going it alone as a household or family of 1 can be especially tough. Here are some ideas about how to get through this (pick and choose, add on):

Have some sort of routine everyday – could be meal times, work times, play times, sleep time, shower/bath time – however you want to structure and whatever you want to do.

Consider changing out of your pajamas for the day, even if you stay home the whole day.

Get outside. Enjoy the fresh air wherever you are. Find a neighborhood park or green space if you like. Get some sun exposure – be safe about the UV exposure.

Invest some time / energy in connecting with friends and family remotely – can be texting, video chatting, or emailing.

Acknowledge OK to feel lonely or whatever else you may be feeling right now these days. We’re only human, and we feel a range of emotions.

Find ways to physically soothe or comfort yourself if you’re missing the physical touch of hugs and such. For example hug yourself, use a weighted blanket or some safe approximation, or wrap blankets or pillows around you like a cocoon.

Treat yourself. With kindness, compassion, grace. With fun activities. With good food and/or drink.

Give yourself a break during these tough times. We might have different expectations of ourselves about work and home productivity. The to-do list might need some adjustment as we adjust.

Here’s to hoping things get even better!

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