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  • Quyen B. Nguyen, Ph.D.

Always Tomorrow - Best Coast

Listening to music is one of my passions / hobbies / interests, and I don’t always listen/attend to or catch/understand the lyrics.

One recently released album caught my attention for its lyrics: Always Tomorrow from Best Coast, a West-Coast-based (specifically Los-Angeles-based) rock pop duo composed of Bethany Cosentino and Bobb Bruno. To my ears, the band’s sound is fuzzy, sunny, warm rock pop. Bethany (one half of the duo) wrote that this album is her story / path to her self-acceptance. She got sober - she's dealing with / managing depression.

Best Coast’s first official music video “Everything Has Changed” sounds like a story of growth and improvement. Another song “Different Light” references seeing in gray scale instead of black and white, looking forward to the next day – a song about perspective, which can change moment to moment, day to day. “For the First Time” is about growth and improvement – people can change – feeling free for the first time. I really like the line “I’m still really the best at getting in my own way” from “Wreckage.” The album’s title Always Tomorrow pops up in “Master of My Own Mind.”

Any of these songs / experiences sound or feel familiar to you? Hey - we’re only human. Loving the album! Listen if you like.

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