Brain Sketch
Image by Robina Weermeijer
Image by Glen Carrie

What CBT is

To break down Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy:

Cognitive = How and what we think and how we can rebalance, reframe, or relate to them

Behavioral = What we do and how we can approach or do things differently

And our Emotions/Feelings connected with them

For example, when we're feeling stressed or overwhelmed:

Cognitive - I can't handle this.  This is too much.  I'm overloaded and overwhelmed.

Behaviors - Shut down.  Avoid.  Vegetate.  Get short with people.  Not eat, or eat too much.  Not get enough sleep, or sleep too much.  Withdraw.


Treatment would be focused on figuring out different ways to manage and regulate.  We'd collaborate on identifying different goals or homework between sessions.

We might explore some of the underlying negative core beliefs you have about yourself.  These beliefs could be something like "I'm not good enough," "I'm vulnerable," "I'm helpless," and/or something else.

We can use CBT to treat anxiety, panic, stress, depression, anger, insomnia, or OCD and to help manage or cope with chronic illness or health conditions.